TS 4 to TS 5: Marfa to Ft. Davis

Time Station Miles: 21.2; Accumulated Miles 306.3

From Marfa, Andy headed north on Highway 17 to Fort Davis. The weather in this area of Texas is unlike most of the other places Andy will ride because the elevation in the Davis Mountains makes its much cooler. The town itself is known for being stereotypical old West Texas: windmills, old fence posts, cattle, and horses.

After going thru the Fort Davis TS we have stopped at the next picnic pullout to sleep. We will sleep for a couple of hours till the sun comes up and the relief crew arrives. It has gotten VERY windy and the outside temp is 40. We feel rest would be better now instead on using energy to keep warm and fighting crosswinds. He has a very steep 90 mile climb around Fort Davis which will be easier on him with some rest and sun, with warmer temps. We are hoping all goes well and he can finish this section before it gets real hot. Andy is tired and slept well during that time.  He is about a 3 of 10. His stomach is doing alot better and he has been eating and drinking well.