Pro license?

Update for those who happened to know and for all of those who didn't which is the majority ;P


During the RAAM Ohio 400 at the beginning of the month, I experienced some knee swelling. This wasn't a big concern of mine because that has become normal for me. I give it a couple of days rest and they tend to feel better. Unfortunately, after about 19 days and the swelling/pain still there, I went to see Dr Herring at Advanced Orthopaedics. We had an MRI done on Monday night and I got the results back yesterday.


THERE IS NO TEAR! It did uncover the reason behind the discomfort which we are working to correct in order to help prevent it from becoming so bad in the future. Although, I have been given the OK to return to any exercise I can tolerate I will be keeping it rested for the remainder of the week as I have almost achieved my Professional License in Channel Surfing ie cleared the DVR of all recorded shows.


In all seriousness, I am chomping at the bit to get back to work on the bike and out riding with everyone again. Look out November!