Getting anal-lytical

I have an unusual Monday off from work this week because the good folks who run the company decided to make Good Friday a paid holiday for us this year. I would rather be out riding but due to the rain I am keeping it indoors and driving myself stir crazy trying to anal-yze the last couple of weeks worth of workouts.

The past two weeks have been really productive riding weeks for me. The first I logged just short of 10 hours of saddle time and about 7 and a quarter hours worth last week. Both weeks have seen me riding home from work a couple days a week and then on my days off I have tried to get in a longer ride and then something in the 30-40 mile range. Total mileage for the two weeks were 174 and 137 respectively.

Last week for my longer ride, I decided to head through the city to extend my usual Riverside route. It was intended to add some more elevation change at the same time which it certainly did. Despite the wind and terrible road conditions in the city, I was extremely excited about the pace especially considering the small tantrum my legs decided to throw at the base of Old Gun.

Elevation profile for the Home-Riverside Complete route

This past weekend I had to switch hats over to the support hat as Jenn took part in her first triathlon in Smithfield. I didn't think this was going to be hard for me to do as I cannot swim "well" and really do not like running. What I do like though is competition. I have always been the one competing with others supporting me. So I thought to myself, W.W.D.D (What Would Dad Do) as he has always made sure I was were I needed to be and had what I needed at the correct times.

Jenn did an amazing job and didn't show much nerves at all despite her saying she was extremely nervous. Once she was in the water she looked completely focused on the task at hand. She had pretty quick transitions for her first ever attempt at one (she hadn't even practiced one prior). Coming off the bike her hands were extremely cold to the point which they didn't work which slowed her ability to get her running shoes on. She finished strong and is extremely excited to continue to doing more in the future. She has definitely caught the bug! Pics here!

Jenn finishing her first tri