Flat to rolling?

In preparation for this weekend's Calvin's Challenge I was reading some recounts of the previous year's racers. Most of them were in agreement that the long course could be characterized as flat to rolling. I took the gps along with me when Znels and I went out on Friday so I would have something to compare the elevation graph of the course with something here locally which I have been riding recently.

The long loop which has 713 ft of climbing per 51 mile lap

Home-Powhatan Half Century Profile with 4652 ft of climbing per 51 miles.

It would appear that I am comparing apples to oranges. Some of the recaps mentioned how bad the wind blew the entire day. I am beginning to think that the biggest threat from the course is going to be what mother nature has in store rather than any sort of lack of climbing legs. There won't be any hiding from the wind on such a flat to non-rolling course. I am off to bed now to ponder whether or not I should wash my sunglasses as I am getting opinions from all sorts of angles which deserve a post of their own.