Lucky charms

I had taken all my gear with me yesterday morning in hopes of getting a ride in by making the commute home. They were calling for 30-40% chances of t-storms in the afternoon but I was hopeful. A quick storm came through just after lunch which left everything soaking wet and the air terribly thick and humid. Just before I was getting ready to leave I checked the radar and noticed a big green, red and yellow blob heading for the house. It looked like I would have been dry for the first half of the ride but then it would get a bit sporty. I made the executive decision to just ride over to Endorphin where Jenn was doing some strength training. It would allow me to get in a few miles while stretching my legs out.

I think I made the correct decision because as we were coming back across the bridge we saw these boom clouds ahead of us. Yes, that is the scientific name of them.

Shortly there after, it was one rainbow after another...

Was mother nature taunting me and questioning my manhood for not riding home? Was that a way of saying that I would ride like a world champion this weekend? Or is someone just trying to "steal me lucky charms?"